Calling All Capologists: How Should the Cap Actually Work?

Mark DewdneyCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2009

All right, I'm "hosting" a "Salary Cap Summit."

Let's work out the numbers; how's this going to work?

I'll lay out the criteria we MUST arrive at (hey, it's my article) and then moderate.


ONE : The cap must not unduly penalize the currently rich. That means that (sorr, Goon) there's no trying to punish the Yankees, etc., for their CURRENT or PAST sins. Only Samuel Jackson is allowed to be vengeful.

Please check your past frustrations at the door.


TWO : The cap must be easy for above-average fans to figure out WITHOUT A CALCULATOR. I don't know that this is TOTALLY possible, but let's apply the K.I.S.S. principle wherever possible (you know, Keep It Super Simple?)


THREE : The cap must not make any HUGE corrections in one year. DRASTIC changes are NOT good for ANY economy - and suddenly forcing the rich to bend to a dramatic budgetary change will NOT work. We'd wind up with court challenges, and be marginalized - so let's make it work its' way in gradually.


As we progress, let's be as fact-based as possible, and, though this can RAPIDLY turn into a very emotional issue, let's try to  concentrate on the numbers and facts.

We don't want to start insulting each other, either; try to have a sense of humour while making your points.



Let's roll.