Can Vitor Belfort Stand a Chance Against Anderson Silva?

David ModerCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2009

Vitor Belfort, with a professional MMA record of 19-8, is quite the unique individual. He has never lost to a weak fighter, yet he has blown almost every big win opportunity so far.


He is on a five-win streak, and his last two wins were against experienced fighters Matt Lindland and Rich Franklin. He has a brutal and lightning fast KO power (there is a reason he is called "The Phenom").

This fight with Anderson Silva is his chance to prove himself, as some people consider Silva to be the absolute greatest P4P fighter in the world.

The person who has never lost a fight in the UFC, the person who has showed complete dominance, and seemingly has no weakness. The person who, in his last fight, completely ridiculed Forrest Griffin, a fighter people were counting on to finally stop Silva's complete and utter domination of the MW division.

If Vitor wins, it will probably go down in history as one of the biggest upsets ever. But most MMA fans have lost hope for anybody to dethrone Silva. He is just too good.

Vitor may have lightning-fast hands, but Silva has other-worldly counterattacking abilities, as we all witnessed in his last fight.

As fans, it gets boring to see somebody on top so long, so many of us are secretly hoping that Vitor will somehow manage a win.

Can he?

I hope so.

But I think not.