Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Attempts to Kill Boxing

Lorne ScogginsCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2009

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 16:  Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and his advisor Leonard Ellerbe confer during the final news conference for Mayweather's bout against Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino September 16, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather and Marquez will fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 19 in Las Vegas.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Attempts to Kill Boxing -Lorne Scoggins

  This is a back and forth game of chess. Here’s a summary of just a little bit of what has gone on:

  Pacquiao agrees to extra tests, Mayweather reveals late in the negotiations that the Olympic folks will be doing the blood tests at random which means blood could be drawn right before the fight. Pacquiao disagrees to this. Folks start saying, “Why did Pacquiao agree to the tests then change his mind?” He didn’t. He didn’t know about the Olympic blood testing until recently. (More to come on why Pacquiao doesn’t want random blood testing)

  Pacquiao says no blood tests and Mayweather has to pay 10 million dollars for every pound he’s over weight. Mayweather agrees to the weight penalty. (The ONLY honorable thing he’s done)

  Pacquiao agrees to all the urine samples they want and to blood tests but not closer to the fight than 30 days, and he’s okay with letting them draw blood IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FIGHT (30 days isn’t enough time for anybody to get all doped up and it be out of his system by the time the fight is over. This is a key point that shows Pacquiao is innocent.)

  Mayweather has a “see I told you so” attitude with the press, Pacquiao gets hacked off. Freddie Roach says he’s okay with blood being drawn if it’s not closer than 72 hours before the fight. Pac disagrees. His last loss was to Morales. Blood was drawn before that fight. He thinks it weakened him. Pacquiao is superstitious about a lot of things. Glove style and size and blood withdrawals before a fight are important to him. He lost 2 fights when he wasn’t wearing his preferred gloves. He lost one fight when blood was drawn before the fight. There is no way that Pacquiao will ever agree to fighting without 8 ounce Cleto Reyes gloves, nor will he agree to blood withdrawals before a fight, ESPECIALLY if it’s done by the Olympic committee who has no business testing professional athletes, and can test AS OFTEN AS THEY CHOOSE.

  “I got pretty upset two days ago because since I have been here, they have tested me four times. They’ve taken so much blood from us we’re going to be very weak before the final.”- Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell complained he was tested excessively during the 2008 Olympics

  Arum proposes that the fight can still happen and random testing CAN BE DONE if they agree to a cutoff date for the blood testing and they get someone else to do it beside the Olympic organization. This is a professional sport. He wants an anti doping organization that tests pro athletes. Come to find out, Oscar De La Hoya, owner of Golden Boy Promotions, has close ties to the top dog with the Olympic U.S. Anti Dopers Association, (USADA). Arum and Pacquiao have enough sense not to make any direct accusations or insinuations as they refuse to be tested by this organization. Mayweather and his clan do not possess this type of intelligence and choose to engage in blatant defamation of character.

  Mayweather keeps shooting off his mouth until Pac is furious. Arum talks to Michael Koncz who tells him to drop the fight negotiations. Arum tries to tell Koncz the fight can still be made, Pac takes the phone. Arum said he’s known Manny Pacquiao for a long time and he’s “…never seen him like that”. Pacquiao is livid; tells Arum not to even bother talking to the Mayweather camp and that he’s suing Golden Boy Promotions, the Mayweathers, and Schaeffer for defamation and slander.

  Today (12-26-09) Manny makes it official and writes a column verifying his intention to sue. He attributes the fruits of his labor to his dedication, hard work, and God. He once again ensures the public that he has never taken performance enhancing drugs of any kind.

  Later today (12-26-09), after a few days of silence, Mayweather speaks. Suddenly, with a lawsuit impending, he’s willing to give a little. He says they can get another agency to do the random testing and they’ll negotiate a cutoff date. He basically agreed to what Arum previously proposed. This time Arum says “No”. He says they won’t do blood tests unless the Nevada State Athletic Commission wants them to.

  Summary of the summary: Mayweather is a hopeless egomaniac who is now even more hated by boxing fans. 99% of the fans are blaming him for harming the sport. He’s making a mockery of boxing. He’s making it look like professional wrestling, a “sport” to which he is also affiliated. He’s creating a legacy for himself that is not flattering. Mayweather’s insecurities are now shining brightly.

  Mayweather is once again willing to negotiate, as you can see in the article I’ve linked below. Other articles have made the point that it’s not the blood testing that bothers Pacquiao per say; it’s the relinquishing of control to Mayweather.

  This fight isn’t dead yet. In a statement Pacquiao made to the press, he said that he is suing, but also told Mayweather to “…face me in the ring man to man”.

  With all of this nonsense having taken place I’ll tell you this: If the fight does happen, Manny Pacquiao will absolutely destroy Floyd Mayweather Jr. It will be a supreme display of brutality and violence against Mayweather, which is now precisely what the world wants to see more than ever. I think Mayweather has been playing a game of psychological warfare all along. Whether the fight takes place in the ring or in the courtroom, it’s about to back-fire on him big-time.

  Traditionally, angry boxers lose fights. However, any fan of Manny Pacquiao knows that the opposite has always proven to be true of him and this time there’s more fuel for the fire than ever. He has never bad-mouthed an opponent outside the ring until recently.

  If Pacquiao is guilty of cheating, and I don’t think he is, it will come out. In a case like this where accusations are made and the person is guilty, somebody always blows the whistle. Some are saying “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. That’s usually true. However, that’s usually not the case when it’s Mayweather smoke. You have to consider the source.

  If the fight happens, for a lot of boxing fans, it will be the LAST fight in which they’ll ever pay to see Mayweather. To casual boxing fans that don’t dig to get the real story, it will probably appear that Pacquiao is guilty. That makes me sick.


The best case scenario would be:

1. The details are agreed upon and the fight is set.
2. Manny drops the lawsuit.
3. Manny beats Mayweather to within an inch of his life.
4. Mayweather excuses the loss by saying Manny was on something and wouldn’t be tested close enough BEFORE the fight (a few, very stupid people believe it, even though blood tests DIRECTLY AFTER the fight reveal NOTHING).
5. Manny resumes the lawsuit and winds up with Mayweather’s newly “earned” 35 million dollars (If he sues, he will win).
6. Manny retires with a fresh 70 million dollars in the bank.
7. Mayweather loses what’s left of his fan base and never gets another million dollar purse, let alone 35 million.

  Personally, I’m willing to pay a lot to see Manny Pacquiao knock Mayweather out of the ring. Then, if Mayweather-style propaganda is the future of the sport of boxing, I’m done with it. This used to be the “Sweet Science”. It’s not professional wrestling. It’s not Mixed Martial Arts. It’s Boxing. Perhaps Floyd Mayweather Jr. chose the wrong sport.

Fight Pacquiao, and then go back to wrestling, Floyd. Nobody cares anymore.

-Lorne Scoggins

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