Will Rivalry Spark A New Era In WWE?

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Will Rivalry Spark A New Era In WWE?

This is somewhat of a continuation of my last article, but in this article I'll be talking more in depth about this whole WWE vs TNA ratings war shtick. Of course with a daily dose of women's wrestling thrown in there! ;)

On January 4th, 2010 TNA is directly going after the WWE by moving their time slot to Monday nights. Same time, same format, different company. Viewers will be forced to choose between the always engaging Raw (sic) and TNA.

Does TNA stand a chance? Maybe.

Do they have what it takes to beat WWE? I'm not so sure.

Looking at both companies in general, WWE grandly overpowers TNA. Fact: WWE gets millions of viewers worldwide. Fact:TNA does not. That in and of itself should pretty much take care of this debacle, but it doesn't.

Why? Because of one main factor,one person really, Hulk Hogan. Although the Hulkster may be way past his prime he is still one of the most easily recognizable people in the entire world which is why TNA may stand a chance.

People will be interested in what TNA plans on doing with Hulk which will gain more viewership and a chance for TNA to beat WWE.

Still, WWE has two other brands and another show,so won't they still have more viewers? Yes, I believe so, but the other two brands aren't live and people won't be forced to choose between them and another show.

Plus, it has been rumored on multiple occasions that TNA is planning on adding another brand to their company by giving the TNA Knockouts their own show. Laughable , isn't it?

Well it might be to you but it has been well documented on many occasions that the Knockouts receive the highest ratings of the show, so they may be able to compete with WWE in that aspect.

Now moving on to the women's wrestling side of things, how can a man who hired women to compete in bikini contests on his tour be expected to keep a prevailing women's division...well...prevalent?

People have their own views on the matter, but if Hulk's praising of Awesome Kong is any indication he might just be able to keep the Knockouts strong, or make them even stronger.

Besides, it's not like Dixie is completely out of the picture (sic).

The Divas haven't been able to measure up to the Knockouts for the past two years,and unless Vince had a sudden epiphany (Or a heart attack) I don't see it changing soon.

This rivalry could bring the revitalization of the Divas division. How could it not, right? Even if he chooses to publicly ignore it, Vince knows the Divas don't stand a chance against the Knockouts.

Sure, they may have had some good outings, but the Knockouts, as crazy as the booking is, never fail to impress.

In any case, rivalry always makes for good t.v, and each side pulls out all the stops. Proof of this is WWE's four month contract with Bret Hart. Unexpected,but just like Hulk's joining of TNA it makes people interested.

More proof of pulling out all the stops is WWE's long awaited pushing of young stars to keep people interested. We've been watching the same people feud for the same titles years upon years, and out of the blue this new guy wins the title?

Crazy, but effective.

So whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I think 2010 will be a crazy year, just what both companies need.

I'm interested now, are you?



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