Dice Not So K : Comes Of DL Goes 1.0 IP Gives Up 7 On 6 Hits 3 BB and 1 SO

Aroob KhanContributor IJune 21, 2008

            Well not the return the Red Sox's were looking for. The week in which the Red Sox's lose Curt Schilling for the rest of the season and probably forever they were looking forward to the Dice man coming back with a bang. Well there was a bang and it was off the bat off Aaron Miles in the first inning during which Dice K gave up 7 Earned runs on 6 hits. Talk about not the result the Red Sox's wanted. Dice K was not only wild but looked confused on the mound. Looking like the Dice K of last year not the Dice K of this year. His So called gyro ball was flat and his fastball had no location and no pop. It seemed Varitek caught 10 pitches for strikes and the rest were put in play or were balls.  Dice K was not ok.

    The Red Sox's had salt put on their wounds as the Yankees got a Fabulous start out of Dan Giese but could not take advantage as they lost 6-0.