The Next Jim Plunkett?

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The Next Jim Plunkett?
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Long time Raider fans will fondly remember Jim Plunkett. A man who was deemed a bust after getting beat up playing for some bad Pats and Niners teams.

That same Jim Plunkett revived his career after coming in for an injured Dan Pastorini. He eventually led the Raiders to two Super Bowl victories and shed the bust label.

Could David Carr solve the Raider QB crisis next year with a Plunkett type career revival? I think there are many reasons to believe he can.

First of all Carr was put in a no one win situation to begin his career. He was to be the first face of the expansion Texans. The team never put a line in front of him and he never had a quality running rack to take any pressure off of him. He was sacked repeatedly and really developed a dislike for even playing the game.

Fast forward three years and you have a totally different David Carr. He has matured and really loves the game again. He's also looked sharp when in relief of Eli Manning. Check out this article to read his thoughts as to why: 

Many Giants fans do not want to see Carr leave. They see him as an excellent insurance policy for Eli Manning and a solid presence on the team. They openly muse on message boards how their backup could start for many teams. I think one of those teams is our beloved Oakland Raiders.

Carr wants it and appreciates it more now than he did his first time around with the Texans. He's also had a chance to see how a top flight organization prepares for battle every week. He knows adversity and is ready to help a team that's most of the way there get to the next level.

All the Raiders need to do is give him the chance to make it happen. He's our kind of guy. The guy who was left for dead and turns it around! This makes too much sense for it not to happen. Sign David Carr this off-season and watch history repeat itself! 

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