Is Bush a Bust Or Is There Just No Room For Him?

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 Is Bush a Bust Or Is There Just No Room For Him?
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Reggie Bush--is he a bust or just a player that is misused?  In Reggie’s rookie season he had over 88 catches for 742yds, rushed for 565yds, and completed 8TD. Plus, he was the spark that helped the Saints make one of the fastest turnarounds in NFL history. In the playoffs, he made some big plays and almost lead the Saints on a Super Blow run.  But the Saints seem to want him to be a pure running back and that is not him and it never has been. However, the Saints don’t seem to be into drafting up plays anymore that work for him, simply because they don’t need him; he was even deactivated for a few games this season. The Saints have done a great job at developing players and have a ton of depth. Reggie has a big price tag on him and the Saints have 3 keys players that are going to be free agents in 2010. Reggie and the Saints should both push for a trade and get him into a team that could use his unique skill set. Teams that could use him are: Bucs, Browns, Pats, Dolphins, Seahawks, and Lions.


C. Blunt

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