Carolina Panthers- "Delhomme's Season Has Come To an End Due To Injury"

Nikolai ClaryContributor IDecember 25, 2009

Jake Delhomme has been know for his "Awesome Ability at throwing the football". Jake has been not that "Great this year at doing so. So Jake had a broken finger later on in the season which since of Thursday he was placed on IR. Jake leads the NFL in 20 ints, which isn't very good. So Jake has another chance to redeem himself and to the NFL next season to see what awesome skills he has which Jake Hasn't used them well in some cases this year. Jake is still one of the greatest QB'S when he trys. Matt Moore which has been his backup has proved himself to be outstanding so Far so Jake will watch Matt go on and Work his skills. So Jake is looking forward to Next season to his team to the "SUPERBOWL" Everyone knows they will.