Platini: Brazil Takes The Cup, If They Do Not Meet Ze Frrench

Josep Vernet-RieraCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2009

MONACO - AUGUST 28:  UEFA President Michel Platini speaks to the media during the UEFA Europa League Group Stage Draw at the Grimaldi Forum on August 28, 2009 in Monaco, Monaco.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Platini pulled out his tarot cards for the Brazilian journalists at Globo Esportes . The first part of the preview was quite obvious even if this is Michel Platini we are dealing with. Brazil will steal the show in South Africa and set an even higher standard at six World Cups.

However, the former French captain had to honour his typical line of speech and to conclude the preview: Brazil will only be champions, provided they do not play France, because if they do, France will take the cup home.

No, don't fall out of your chair or throw something at the computer. Just laugh come on, breathe in, breathe out, now laugh.

Now think, yes, there is nothing funny about this. France, the side that got through thanks to momentary blindness of every member of the refereeing team, is going to win the World Cup. France is a strong team, no doubt about that, but shouldn't Platini have been quiet?

After the storm aroused by Thierry Henry's hand and the way Platini reacted to it, it was expected that Platini would have stayed quiet on this specific topic. Instead he graced us with yet another pearl of his wisdom.

Oh, and we thought Blatter was the ultimate douchebag.