Merry Christmas To All The Steelers- To The Rest Of The League Goodnite.

Timothy KesslerAnalyst IDecember 25, 2009

The Pittsburgh Steelers tend to finish seasons strong, just as they did in 2005 when they needed to win out.

Not only did they make it into the playoffs, but they were the very first 6th seeded team in history to win it all... their league-leading 5th Lombardi Trophy.

The Steelers also have a tendency to play down to teams and pick their games up a level when playing tough competition. That has never been more clear than this season. 

The Steelers are only 2-5 when playing teams under .500, but 5-2 when playing teams over .500.

Fortunately for Pittsburgh, they do not play any more teams with a losing record. And they certainly will not play any if they find a way of making it into the playoffs.

Things are finally beginning to look up for the Steelers following a 5 week slump that literally had everybody thinking the season had been lost.

Well, Christmas has arrived and every Steelers fan may very well be getting an unexpected holiday in January.

Pittsburgh was down, but never out.

Like the final play of last week's win over Green Bay, it is very fitting that Christmas is a holiday known for miracles.

There may be more to come.

I'm sure I haven't said anything that every Steelers fan doesn't already know, I simply wanted to take this as an opportunity to wish everybody on Bleacher Report a very merry Christmas and a happy New Years.