Forget About Fantasy 360 Heres The 411... Possible Saturday Trades

Aroob KhanContributor IJune 21, 2008

   Does your fantasy Team need a kick start for the second half. Well here are some possible trades for you to do to get to the top of your league.

       If you have Cliff Lee I suggest You trade and trade fast. He has not been as effective since May 18.  Bumping up his era from 1.37 to 2.45. This is a sign of things to come. Here is one possible trade you should consider.


                                                             Chase Headley

                      Cliff Lee            for            James Shields

                                                             Joe Crede

The fact that Fantasy owners are going crazy over Lee. You can get Chase who is 6/16 with 2 HRs since being called up. ( 2 HRs in 4 Gms) . You want to get Shields because he is gonna have a monester 2nd half.(10-2 in 2nd half). Grab Crede he is known for his 2nd half surges. (2006 2nd half-  274 AB   16 HRs   40 RBIs   31 Rs  32 Ks)

Think about it its gonna get you more fantasy points in the end and help you win you league.


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