The Legend Don Frye Retiring From MMA

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 24, 2009

Don Frye, the legend of the sport, annouced his retirement.

“I’m pretty much quitting MMA. I’m tired of getting paid with bounced checks, getting lied to by promoters. I’m sick of it,” he told MMAWeekly.

He was around when UFC first started and is responsible for the growth of the sport. He complied a impressive record of 20 wins and 8 losses while fighting the best of the best.

He has been in world famous brawls like him vs. Takayama. 

The epic face smashing staredown between him and James Thompson.

He's been in countless battles and is the true American hero. He never backs down from a fight and still one of the scariest fighters today. He had one of the most legendary staches in MMA and will be remembered forever in the hearts of true MMA fans.

He has recently starred in movies like Public Enemies and has been doing other things and thinks its the right time to hang up the gloves.

WAR FRYE and I wish him the best of luck. A true veteran of our sport.

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