Who Would Work Better with Lebron?

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIDecember 24, 2009

The majority of the articles I'm reading now are comparing Lebron and Dwyane Wade and sometimes Chris Bosh. So in the minds of many sports writers, Lebron might as well already have another jersey on. IF Lebron were to team up with another superstar, who would be the best fit? It seems like a scoring power like Dwyane Wade would mix well, others say Lebron needs a big man like Chris Bosh.

For Cleveland's sake Lebron has to stay otherwise the city will go insane. I, however, don't believe Lebron owes anything to the city of Cleveland. A professional basketball player cannot decide where he plays, and it was a mere coincidence Cleveland had the first pick in the 2003 draft. Lebron is a big market player and needs a big market city to play in. If the Cavaliers can't provide a championship caliber team, why, if given the chance, wouldn't he leave?

As many have, I have narrowed Lebron with two possible teammates. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade both look like decent fits for the King but is there such thing as too much star power? Dwyane Wade was most successful with Shaq so far in his career. The only concern I have is how willing Lebron would be to play more like a power forward. Dwyane Wade is 6-foot-4 and always will be. He must play like a shooting guard, and right now plays both the one and two. Now as Lebron has shown in the past, he has no trouble playing the four spot but I'm not sure without a dominant the two could be successful.

So far, Chris Bosh's resume looks dull. Not his stats of course, but the fact that Bryan Colangelo has brought in numerous players and all of them have seemed to fail. I'm not going to count Vince Carter because it appeared he was a little upset he was still north of the border and didn't put in a full effort. Morris Peterson is the first legit teammate Chris Bosh had in Toronto. He averaged 11.7 in his four years as teammates with Bosh and immediately after he was sent to New Orleans Bosh became the franchise player. Then it was Jermaine O'Neal and it only took half a season to realize that was a mistake. They traded O'Neal to Miami and Shawn Marion finished half of the year in Toronto During that season the Raptors finished 16 games under .500. No I know none of these players compare to Lebron but it's almost a mystery as to what player would fit best with Chris Bosh.

Of the two choices I would take Chris Bosh. However, I believe Dwyane Wade is more talented than Chris Bosh but Lebron needs a big man. Lebron can easily play the one, two, three, and four spots and needs a dominant center to build a championship team. Chris Bosh is no Amar'e Stoudemire of Dwight Howard, but he's a hell of a lot better than Ilgauskas or Shaq. Bosh has the unique ability to expand the paint. He can knock down jumpers and can attack the basket. If he continues to keep putting on muscle, his post game will be even stronger. Dwyane Wade has too many of the same skills Lebron has and I don't think he would be a good fit. Chris Bosh still has plenty to learn, as does Lebron, but I believe Chris Bosh would look good with Lebron James.