Recapping Round 1 Of The 2009 NFL Draft: Busts, Breakouts, and Futures

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MINNEAPOLIS - NOVEMBER 22:  Percy Harvin #12 of the Minnesota Vikings runs the ball against the Seattle Seahawks at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on November 22, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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The 2009 NFL Draft Class has a chance like every draft class to be great. Here is a article on who I thought were the biggest busts, future stars , and current stars. And my candidates and winners for: Offensive Rookie of The Year, Defensive Rookie of The Year, and Rookie of The Year.


1st Round of The 2009 NFL Draft:


#1 Matthew Stafford quarterback for The Detroit Lions- Future star, even though Stafford hasn't put up great numbers this year you got to understand he is very young. He is the future of the Lions.


#2 Jason Smith offensive tackle for The St. Louis Rams- Future star, Jason Smith has been plagued with injuries his rookie year he was the best of the linemen draft class.


#3 Tyson Jackson defensive end for The Kansas City Chiefs- Future star, Tyson Jackson has not done much at all this season, but most people don't know that he is in a totally new defense then last year when he was in college. The Chiefs run the 3-4 he ran the 4-3 at LSU. He like his teammate Glenn Dorsey will progress later in his career.


#4 Aaron Curry linebacker for The Seattle Seahawks- Future star, Curry is really close to becoming a stud in the NFL. He might get some votes for defensive player of the year, but I don't think he is that good yet.


#5 Mark Sanchez quarterback for The New York Jets- Future star, Mark Sanchez is exactly like Matthew Stafford: young, still learning, and throws a lot of interceptions. He is defiantly the future of the New York Jets the people there love him.


#6 Andre Smith offensive tackle for The Cincinnati Bengals- Draft bust, Andre Smith was stellar in college, but then was lazy and skipped the combine. He apparently brought his laziness with him to the NFL while coming to training camp very late and very overweight he was almost 400 pounds (He was 320 pounds in college). I just don't see a bright future for this guy the Bengals play good without him he is just to lazy for the big leagues.


#7 Darrius Heyward wide receiver for The Oakland Raiders- Draft bust, D-H-B as what everyone calls him has been a J-O-K-E. First of all this pick did not make much sense. This shows how bad of a general manager Al Davis is. Someone tell me why the Raiders did not draft Michael Crabtree? Louis Murphy a rookie receiver as well for the Raiders has almost 3 times more catches then D-H-B and was picked way later in the draft. D-H-B has a totally of 9 lousy catches on the year.


#8 Eugene Monroe offensive tackle for The Jacksonville Jaguars- Future star, Monroe started his rookie career with injuries when he is healthy he is a solid starter. He has started 8 straight games for the Jaguars. I see a bright future in Monroe.


#9 B.J. Raji nose tackle for The Green Bay Packers- Future star, Raji changed his position in the 3-4 defense from defensive end to nose tackle and so far Raji has been very solid at nose tackle. Expect Raji to be a go to a few Pro-Bowls later in his career.


#10 Michael Crabtree wide receiver for The San Francisco 49ers- Future star, Crabtree would have been in the cream of the crop in receiving this year, but instead he waited too long to sign that contract. He would have been a current star if he would have gotten that contract signed earlier. Crabtree has been a great addition this season for the 49ers he is defiantly a future Pro-Bowler.


#11 Aaron Maybin defensive end for The Buffalo Bills- Future star, even though Maybin has not done anything to help the Bills defense at at all this year, he has a bright future. Aaron Maybin has not recorded one sack all year, but has not started one game all season long. The main reason he will be good some day is because his teammate Aaron Schobel might retire at the end of the season that means more playing time for Maybin.


#12 Knowshon Moreno running back for The Denver Bronos- Current  star, Moreno is arguably the best running back in this draft class. He has racked up almost 900 rushing yards this season. And he still not the full time starter this guy will be a Pro-Bowler for sure.


#13 Brian Orakpo linebacker for The Washington Redskins- Current star, Brian Orakpo is a monster. He should go to the Pro-Bowl this year he leads all rookies with 11.0 sacks including a 4.0 sack game against the Oakland Raiders. Expect Orakpo to be a candidate for defensive player of the year.


#14 Malcolm Jenkins cornerback for The New Orleans Saints- Future star, Jenkins has been a very solid starter for the Saints. He is the future of the Saints secondary, he has only 5 starts on the year, but he will be a full-time starter some day. Plus the Saints have the best defensive backfield in all of the NFL in my opinion.


#15 Brian Cushing linebacker for The Houston Texans- Current star, Cushing is arguably one of the top inside linebackers in the entire NFL now. He is having a dream season already racking up over 100 tackles on the year. He should go to the Pro-Bowl this year and will probably be a candidate for Defensive Player of The Year.


#16 Larry English linebacker for The San Diego Chargers- Future star, English does not get much playing time at all. He will be a starter I think next year, because I don't think the Chargers will resign Shawne Merriman. English will be a stud some day just wait.


#17 Josh Freeman quarterback for The Tampa Bay Bucs- Future star, I do not quite understand why he did not start that much the 2009 season when he starts he is an outstanding quarterback. If he will be the full time starter next year he has a bright future for years to come.


#18 Robert Ayers linebacker for The Denver Bronos- Draft bust, I think he is a draft bust, because the Denver Bronos already have one of the top defenses in the NFL and do not use him really at all. I just don't see anything for his future.


#19 Jeremy Maclin wide receiver for The Philadelphia Eagles- Current star, Maclin has been an outstanding pick up opposite of Desean Jackson. He might be in talks for Offensive Rookie of The Year. Big future for Jeremy Maclin with the Eagles.


#20 Brandon Pettigrew tight end for The Detroit Lions- Future star, Pettigrew has been the best pick up for the Lions this year he can block and catch. He is defiantly the most talented tight end in this whole entire draft class.


#21 Alex Mack center for The Cleveland Browns- Current star, Alex Mack is the best center/guard in this draft class. He is a big addition to an already good offensive line. The pick up of Alex Mack has made the Browns into one of the best offensive lines in the league. I can see a couple Pro-Bowls come his way.


#22 Percy Harvin wide receiver for The Minnesota Vikings- Current star, Percy Harvin might be the best player out of this draft class. Harvin has put up some outstanding numbers as a rookie both on offense and special teams. He will be a candidate for Offensive Rookie of The Year and Rookie of The Year.


#23 Michael Oher offensive tackle for The Baltimore Ravens- Current star, Oher has already established himself as one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL. He will go to the Pro-Bowl this year and will likely be with the Ravens for years to come. He might even be a candidate to win Rookie of The Year yea thats right an offensive linemen winning Rookie of The Year!


#24 Peria Jerry defensive tackle for The Atlanta Falcons- Draft bust, he has one total tackle on the year enough said does that answer your questions why I think he is a bust?


#25 Vontae Davis cornerback for The Miami Dolphins- Current star, Vontae Davis was an addition to an already good dolphins secondary. He has picked off 4 passes this year and he is still not even a starter. A bright future ahead for him expect to here his name in the Defensive Player of The Year race.


#26 Clay Matthews linebacker for The Green Bay Packers- Current star, Matthews has been a huge addition for the packers 3-4 defense. Clay Matthews has 10.0 sacks on the year second among rookies, he has almost 3 times the amount of sacks he did his senior year in college. He might win the Defensive Player of The Year.


#27 Donald Brown running back for The Indianapolis Colts- Future star, Donald Brown will be the feature back once Joseph Addai is done. Donald Brown has some pretty impressive numbers despite being injured most this year. 


#28 Eric Wood offensive guard for The Buffalo Bills- Future star, like most of the offensive linemen in this class it is hard for them to stay healthy just like Eric Wood. Wood has proved to be a descent starter starting 10 games this year.


#29 Hakeem Nicks wide receiver for The New York Giants- Current star, Hakeem Nicks averages a whopping 18.8 yards a catch. Nicks proves he will be a a Pro-Bowler some day he leads all rookies in receiving yards.

#30 Kenny Britt wide receiver for The Tennessee Titans- Future star, Kenny Britt has really progressed along the season. He is starting to become a favorite target of Vince Young. He has a chance to become great some day.


#31 Beanie Wells running back for The Arizona Cardinals- Current star, Wells is the best rookie running back in the NFL despite Knowshon Moreno of the Broncos having more rushing yards then Wells, Wells has not started a single game this season. Wells has 706 rushing yards on the season with a 4.6 yards a carry average. I see him as a candidate for Rookie of The Year.


#32 Ziggy Hood defensive end for The Pittsburgh Steelers- Draft bust, after Hood had an outstanding pre-season he has had a terrible regular season. He has a total of 6 tackles on the year. 


Biggest Bust: Andre Smith


Biggest Surprise: Clay Matthews



2009 Predicted Offensive Rookie of The Year Candidates: Percy Harvin, Beanie Wells, Hakeem Nicks, Knowshon Moreno. Winner: Percy Harvin


2009 Predicted Defensive Rookie of The Year Candidates: Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, Vontae Davis. Winner: Brian Cushing


2009 Predicted Rookie of The Year Candidates: Michael Oher, Percy Harvin, Beanie Wells, Brian Cushing. Winner: Percy Harvin


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