Time to add some Twist

Brian westCorrespondent IJune 21, 2008

It's racing weekend in California. No, not at the speedway, but in beautiful wine country. Sonoma, California is home to the Sprint Cup drivers for the next three days. This is what makes Cup drivers sweat. No 'hold it to the floor racing' this Sunday folks. We get to watch the best drivers in the world "drive".

Sure, road course racing is somewhat out of the ordinary for fans, but I love it. Teams bringing in their "ringers". Boris Said, with his afro-wig wearing " Said-heads", Scott Pruett, maybe going toe to toe with Juan Pablo again, and Canadian Ron Fellows, fresh off his 2nd place finish at Le Mans, show up for some rubbin' and racin'.

I will be rootin' for Fellows this weekend, RCR power and fellow Canadian, his chances look good. He's come close before but just hasn't had luck come his way. How will the rest of the Cup drivers fair against these 'specialists' ? Jeff Gordon has won his fair share of road course races. Tony Stewart as well. Maybe it raises their game, you know, show 'em how it's done.

It ain't easy to toss a 3400 pound stock car around. These 'ringers' are used to driving lightweight, specially designed race cars. Sure a Le Mans Corvette isn't a light car, but it's not a Cup car. It's time to go racin'. This is where the men get separated from the boys. I, for one can't wait. A lot of people want the road course racing dropped from the schedule. Why would anyone want to take away this race, and Watkins Glen for that matter ?

Change is Good folks. We already race on three different types of track, why always go in circles ? Road racing is steeped in history. Infinion, then known as Sears Point, held it's first Cup race in 1989, won by Ricky Rudd. Watkins Glen held it's first Cup Race in 1957, winner, Buck Baker. Sure it left there for awhile, but returned in 1986, the late Tim Richmond, taking the checkers then.

We run 36 races a year, why not divide it up evenly. 12 short tracks, I'm sure some tracks would love to have them show up. 12 oval races, maybe split again for 1 mile, 1.5 and then Super-speedway, and 12 road course races. There is a lot of great road courses in America. They want to expand their fan base ? Let's give them something to really look at. Just my thoughts on it. I know it won't happen, but it would be different. Enjoy the races this weekend folks.    BW