Tater Tot Hands 'The Game' to the Buckeyes: #10 Ohio State 21, Michigan 10

Kirk LammersContributor IDecember 23, 2009

Photo: Bucknuts.com

I would like to apologize for leaving you hanging following the Buckeye victory against the Wolverines in Ann Arbor. What took so long, you ask? Well, unfortunately, I cannot truthfully claim to have been on a month-long party cruise celebrating the Buckeyes sixth consecutive win against 'that team from up north' that resulted in the first back-to-back losing seasons by the 'scUMmers' in nearly 50 years (the last time occurring in 1962-1963). The truth is that my brief thoughts on Ohio State's regular season finale aren't really worthy of a full-blown article for two reasons: 1) because any 'team' from that terrible state doesn't deserve that much attention, especially one that finished at the cellar of the Big Televen, and 2) because my thoughts on the victory in Ann Arbor can be summed up in just a few paragraphs: