Derek Jeter Overrated? NO WAY!

Frank NegronAnalyst IJune 21, 2008

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Sometimes there are times where there are things I feel I need to address. Today, I feel the need to take something to task. Here is what I'm referring to:

Via NY Daily News:.

In a Sports Illustrated survey of 495 Major League Baseball players in its June 23 issue, Derek Jeter was voted the most overrated with 10% of the vote. Struggling Giants left-hander Barry Zito was second at 9%, while Alex Rodriguez and Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew were tied for third with 7%. Mets third baseman David Wright and Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis tied for fourth at 4%.

Now how in the world is Jeter overrated? Sure, he doesn't deserve to be paid $18 million, but neither does anyone else for that matter. So how else is he overrated? ......