Is Tommy Dreamer Off To TNA?

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Is Tommy Dreamer Off To TNA?

Former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer Has Re-signed from the WWE.

Over The Weekend Asked for his release Regarding his future prospects in the wrestling industry. One of the WWE Sources  made a statement that Dreamer would be Expected to DEBUT on  the  4th Jan, 2010 on the Live Episode of TNA IMPACT…For those Who Don’t know, WWE & TNA will be going Head to Head come Jan,4th 2010…

Why Tommy Dreamer Re-signed we don’t know for sure…..But If he Does Team Up With TNA, It would be a sad Day For The WWE UNIVERSE..

Thomas James Laughlin, (Tommy Dreamer)  will go down as the last old-school ECW performer to be affiliated with the WWE version of the brand….

We Wish you well Tommy Dreamer…

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