Danny Ford is GodCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008
As you may or may not have... well... unless you troll tigerforums.net (which doesn't exist so I think he linked to Tiger Net) like your life depended on it you haven't. So let me introduce you to Third Saturday in Blogtober. Here's the skinny: Remember this picture?

Clemson recruit Kenneth Page

Well, this whole fiasco of Clemson supposedly droppin bills to get Page to come to Clemson was settled. We even talked about it here. TSIB also dropped a few notes on the story. Somehow, Clemson fans from said forum showed up months later, swamping the comments section of the post launching volleys back and forth. They emailed us and asked our opinion on their "lim'rick" (Yeah, it's spelled limerick but they're SEC fans so they probably have little to nil education past primer, possibly junior high so cut them some slack please. At least they got the format down!) Let's take a look at a few sections of said mispronounced literary piece.

Tommy Bowden’s daughter certainly is regal
And we can gawk at her now that she’s legal.
And we have, you can bet
She’s all over the Net
Apparently, Clemson’s new formation is the “spread eagle.”

Accompanying picture: