Where's The Heart Of The Bears?

Joseph ChatmanContributor IDecember 23, 2009

      People have a lot questions about Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears team but the only question that I have is what happen the their Hearts? That old Bears hunger to smash anyone that has the audacity to even be on their schedule, that old Bears swagger. They are playing like chumps and is not all on Lovie Smith. He get the blame because he is the coach but the reality is that he can not play for the players. I feel that if he could, he'd show some them something, because he understands that old school way of playing. Yes there is a lot of things wrong but Lovie can not be the scapegoat, the player need to look at themselves in the mirror and come together. They need to play with some heart and stop whining about who's there and who's not there. The personnel on this teams is not that bad compared to others in the NFL but the difference is that everyone has more heart than the Bears. They better get it together soon because we've had four coaches in the last 20 plus years and Lovie has been the only one to get the Bears to a Superbowl out of the four accept Mike Ditka. I think during the off season they need to take a look back at what made Chicago, The Monsters of the Midway. Bring back personnel and front office people that understands the Heart of the Bears and what made the Chicago Bears what they were. Go get Davis McGinnis, Leslie Frazier or any Ex-Bears who are out there as coaches, because the players need that old school swagger that was once there.