Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona: Who's the Best?

Isaac AsanteCorrespondent IIDecember 23, 2009

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"There is only one Maradona; and there will never be another one like him."

Certainly, it is easy to guess that this is a famous quote from the Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

By saying this, Lionel Messi refers to the great abilities of his Argentinian mentor Diego Maradona, implicitly declaring that not even himself will ever be capable of surpassing the legendary player.

Messi is often compared to the Argentina coach; however, the 22-year old forward recently revealed that he wasn't contended with such judgments. According to the reigning FIFA World Player of the Year, he never thought of exceeding the level of the former World Cup winner, admitting that despite his fast growth as a player, he will never succeed in reaching the high point of Diego Maradona.

Clearly, Lionel Messi's presence in the spotlight was fortified after he scored his outstanding goal for Barcelona against Getafe in a Copa del Rey first leg encounter, years back. Since then, the public has been expecting more from the Barca player, pushing him to further triumphs.

Well, there is no doubt Lionel Messi himself highly estimates the football legend Diego Maradona, but in reality, who is better between these two stars?

Regardless of Messi's great achievement at club level, one might emphasize the fact that he lacks of composure and influence when featuring for the Albicelestes, and this is undeniably true.

Yet, one must also know that unlike FC Barcelona, Argentina are really missing a good organization which could enable each and every player to shine as he deserves to.

Anyway, all circumstances must be accepted as they appear, and in this case, Lionel Messi still needs to work harder so as to get the favor of supporters of the Argentina national football team.

Nevertheless, what was the case for Diego Maradona? The manager is praised for his contribution to his country's FIFA World Cup victory back in 1986, yet, without wanting to be biased, it is unquestionable that the renowned goal scored by the former Argentina key player was illegal, as Maradona used his hand.

Lionel Messi also did the same in a La Liga match against Espanyol while playing for Barcelona; nevertheless, Diego Maradona's football career didn't prove to get better in terms of fairness as time went by.

In the end, two questions come into sight:

1. Considering both men's accomplishment recorded in football's history so far, why should Diego Maradona be well above Lionel Messi?

2. Who do you really think deserves praises the most between them?

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