Why Yankee Fans Are Looked Down At, and Why Red Sox Fans Are Better!

Tim CorwinContributor IDecember 22, 2009

I'm a Red Sox fan and I hate the Yankees with a passion! I think all of their fans are the biggest jerks ever. I live in Arizona and the Yankee fans here think they're just like royalty or something.

Well I put them in their place. If they would say something about like J.D. Drew. I would be like OK? So you think Nick Swisher is better? He sucks, he makes too many errors against any team! He should be part of the grounds crew for the Kansas City Royals! But do you see Drew making errors?

Of course not, because he is a great outfielder! He's just good but the Yankee fans can't and won't admit it. They won't admit that the Sox are better than the Yankees too.

It's really fun though to mess with the bandwagon Yankee fans. Especially the ones that haven't even been to one Yankee game. (even though it would be a waist of money, but they are Yankee fans...)

I made the 5 hour plane ride to Boston to see the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway! It was the best experience of my life! The tickets came out to about $500, to sit close to the Pesky pole. In the front row right on the foul line.

Now if you say that I'm not a Sox fan after doing all of that. I don't know you must be a little mental. But being a Sox fan is good because, you almost always have a good feeling of winning against a lot of teams.

Also if you ever get the chance to sit at Fenway Park, to watch the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees. It is probably the best game you will ever see. You will probably see a lot of yelling, exchanging profanity between fans! That is the best part though!