Mariners Line Up 70 More Managers For Firing to Salvage Season

Sammy LettContributor IJune 20, 2008

Now the M's just need to fire 70 or so more managers and they'll put together a decent season. Line up, men!


Today's game exemplified the recurring reason that I was not really a big fan of the Bedard trade. First off, when was it intelligent to get pitching from Baltimore? A long time ago? OK. Also, with Jones and Sherrill, we had two guys that are already major league ready. We wouldn't have felt Putz's loss so much and we would have had an amazing defensive outfielder that would make ALL the pitchers look better, every day. His glove and speed would have made up for his adjustment period. Hell, even his adjustment period would have been better than the guys we ran out there so far this year. There's a lot to be said about speedy outfielders in Safeco when your pitchers are not as ground ball producing as was originally thought.


I won't double check, but I think this game was the highest scoring so far this season. I know that's probably coincidence and I bet McLaren is just miffed. Where was the big inning when he was at the helm? Did he have some sort of negative mind power that kept the bats noodly? Only his wife knows.


I was actually really excited about today's game and the new era it was representing. How appropriate that it was started by an Ichiro hit followed by a few innings of shut-out ball.


And then the offense woke up.

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