Whats Good So Far .. Al East Good, Bad , And Ugly. Mike Mussina, Tampa Rays

Aroob KhanContributor IJune 20, 2008

                Well talk about having a crazy first half of the season. Who can say that they knew Mike Mussina would win 10 and the new name Rays would be 1 1/2 gm's out of 1st place. Well probably not even Mike Mussina or the Rays would have.  The AL East has been the most Out of sync Division. From A-Rod On the Dl for 17 gms. To now Ortiz and Manny hurt. From Rays and Sox's Fighting. To Manny and Youk Fighting.   

            The AL East has not been itself the first half of the season. There is no team in the AL East that can say that their pitching staff is solid.  The Yankees have big question marks. Will Joba Hold up as a Starter? Can Pettitte Hold it together and be consistent? How will the pen do without Joba?  Is Mike Mussina on steroids? Well not that last one but alot of questions in Yankee land.    

            The Red Sox's have Questions of their own. Who will take over for Curt? What is the matter with Josh Beckett? Can Matsuzaka come back full power? All is not as it seems in Red Sox's Nation.

            The Magnificent Rays are not Free from criticism they have the biggest question marks. A team of rookies and select vets can they keep it up. Garza is to inconsistent. Shields has shown some signs of being a ace pitcher but has had some very shaky outings. And the Million Dollar question, Can the bull pen Continue its Solid Performance.

            The Rays have made a Splash With the Ken Griffey Jr. Rumor and if they get Jr. it is all but over for eather the Yanks or Sox's.