Can I Field a Team Of Hall Of Fame Lefties?

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Can I Field a Team Of Hall Of Fame Lefties?
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Last night I was bored at work, so I challenged myself to see if I could field a team of Hall of Fame Lefties.  After all, Left-handed position players account for 49% of all position players in the Hall of Fame.  That's parity and pretty impressive considering that Lefties only account for 23% of the population on a whole.

So, you think this would be pretty easy?  Err, not quite.  Ever hear of a Left-handed Second Baseman? Didn't think so... This was harder than using those stupid lefty safety scissors from when I was a kid.  In fact, out of my position players, only Ruth and Gehrig bat and throw lefty.  Well, here we go. 

1st Base: Gehrig

2nd Base: Carew

3rd Base: Brett

Shortstop: G. Davis (This is where it started to become a stretch...)

Catcher: Berra


Pitching Staff:

Grove (SP)

Spahn (SP)

Carlton (SP)

Plank (SP)

Ford (Closer)




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