The Dodge POV: Vickie Guerrero's Reign of Terror

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

When will this terror of Vickie end?  That is the question we all have been asking ourselves for a couple of months.  As it looks now there is no end to what Vickie will do to make sure that her “Boy Toy” Edge keeps the title.

I, for one, sat and watched how she used her power to take the title away from the Undertaker.  And now we are all sitting by while we watch Edge, nudge her to do what he wants, and she does it with a smile on her face. 

Vickie has purposely abused her power of General Manager so many times that it is starting to get a little ridiculous. 

Look what she is doing to Charles Robinson tonight on SmackDown!  Chavo was interfering in the match and Charles did have the right to kick him out. Although, Vickie is making Charles compete in a match due to his actions. 

Give me a break Vickie! 

And to top it all off, the match is with The Great Khali.  Personally I would like to see you in the ring with Khali just so that you get a taste of what you are dishing out.

This has gone on long enough and I am sick of it.  The fans want to see a match between Edge and Batista...with no interference and see who the best man is.  We all wanted this with Edge and The Undertaker, but no you let Edge do what ever he wanted. 

I am looking forward to the Draft on Monday, just for the simple fact that I would love to see Edge go to ECW.  That way you will have no way to help him there. 

He will actually have to start wrestling, makes you wonder if he remembers how to do it all by himself.  Edge wouldn’t have the title if it wasn’t for you, Vickie.