Giants-Redskins: Redskins Have No Excuses

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Giants-Redskins: Redskins Have No Excuses
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I got nuthin'. It's going to take me a day to recover from Giants rout Redskins" target="_blank">whatever that was we saw against the Giants Monday night.

Just yesterday, I made two points in a preview of the game. One was that the Redskins would beat the Giants. The second was that in order to win the Giants had to control the ball and keep Jason Campbell on the bench.

New York held the ball for 36:15. When Campbell wasn't on the bench, he was often on his butt.

Meanwhile, I am working on today's story ideas. What's your pick?

  • Shanahan demands more money to coach the Redskins.
  • Bruce Allen wants out on his contract. Says father is spinning in his grave.
  • Redskin players protest Cerrato firing by refusing to play Giants.
  • Redskin defense abducted by space aliens.
  • Daniel Snyder to Bruce Allen: You've been here a week. Why isn't this fixed?
  • Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren remove themselves from Redskins coach sweepstakes.

That last headline is true. Gruden announced before the game that he would remain in the broadcast booth for ESPN's Monday Night Football next season. He spent most of Monday night praising the Giants. What he was thinking was "whew."

Holmgren is the new president of the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is as close as he wants to get to Washington.

So Daniel Snyder is running out of head coach candidates, again. Bummer.

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