Worthless Rivalries: Michigan vs. Ohio State

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

This football rivalry used to be the "one" game every fan use to look forward to seeing, even during the preseason.

Each year football programs Michigan and Ohio State, share one common goal: beat their archrival.

This game is said to happen on the third Saturday of every November; I would know that by heart if it actually mattered.

This game used to determine who would play the national championship , but now it is just another win for Ohio State, who has won eight of the last nine meetings. The only great OSU-UM game in this decade was the '06 game that ended in a 42-39 win for the Buckeyes.

Michigan leads the series overall 57-43-6, but did I mention they have lost six in a row to the Ohio State?

Michigan and Ohio State have met 20 times when both were ranked in the top 10. The past three years, the UM-OSU game has been a yawner. I hope for the sake of the rivalry and college football, that Michigan can rebound but that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon.

The game used to signify who was going to be Big Ten champs and who would go on to the national championship game. Now, it's almost just a game that gets the Buckeyes tuned up for whichever BCS bowl they have the privilege to compete in.

Both programs have a rich football tradition and tradition is what makes a great rivalry usually. It is a great rivalry for UM and OSU fans. But anybody looking from the outside does consider it a rivalry, but nothing great.

Some older fans can remember the "glory years" when Michigan was a power and the game signified everything.

Rich Rodriguez, thus far, does not look like the next Lloyd Carr or Bo Schembechler, but he might be able to return Michigan to pride when they can compete with the national powers such as the hated Buckeyes from Ohio State.