The Irresitible Force Meets The Indestructible Object

Jeremy FosterContributor IJune 20, 2008

Some of you reading this may think I am crazy but I think that in about two weeks we are going to have a new light heavy weight champion. Yes Rampage is bigger. Yes rampage is stronger. Yes Rampage has more talent and experience so it sound like on paper Rampage is going to have a walk in the park come fight time right..... WRONG!!!! While Rampage is ahead in all of these categories he is lacking Forrest in a few categories one is being heart and being able to take a beating and keep going at it. For example when he fought Stephen Bonnar in the first ultimate Finale he took a good beating and was bleeding and it was like it didn't bother him at all. Example number two the fight against Tito Ortiz he got his ass beat in first round was bleeding all over and came back and kicked Titos ass in the next two and should of got the decision. My point is Rampage might think he is walking into a easy fight and he might even dominate the first round but as the horrible over used cliche goes it ain't over till its over. Enjoy the fight everyone!