Curt Schilling; Did he know?

Taylor HatchCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

November;  The setting is Curt Schilling is resigning with the Red Sox, in hopes of ending his career in Boston

Spring Training;  Red Sox nation learns that Schilling will not be pitching until the All-Star Break.

In the past week;  We learn that Schilling may have to undergo major surgery risking the rest of the season.


When he signed this contract did he have any idea that he was hurting?..As much as i hate to admit it I think that he did, he was in the background consulting with doctors on a way to heal it without the Red Sox, and fans having any idea, but it backfired on him and it may have cost him the rest of his career and the rest of this season.  If there was a problem he should have come out and say it. 

On the other hand from the Red Sox fans perspective, Schilling is a hero in many minds especially in all of the playoffs.  But one should wonder, I wonder that if these recent events will ruin his reputation as a Red Sox Hero.  In the coming weeks, months, we shall see how this major season ending surgery on a 40+ year old body, will work.  Come next season we will see what happens with the number 38, I would love nothing more to see him back, but is it worth it???

Bottom Line; Its one of those things we are all going to have to wait out...