Bad Santa's Naughty List of Sports Boors

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Bad Santa's Naughty List of Sports Boors
Doug Benc/Getty Images

On the first day of Christmas, Bad Santa brought to me:

John Calipari: Ironic that every picture I see of this phony, his mouth is wide open?

Rick Pitino: In a restaurant? On the table? Oh right, it was blackmail.

Tiger Woods: ...

Charles Barkley: And he gets his own show.

Tim Finchem: Now what?

Bobby Petrino: Is the line of qualified coaches that short?

Brian Kelly: Throws back the key to the Queen City.

Jimmie Johnson: How to make a fortune selling Wonder Bread in Dixie.

Brett Favre: The Prima Donna's Prima Donna.

Bart Scott/Rex Ryan: How about the Jets win a few games before we start selling tickets for "Trash Talk Fest '09".

Jerry Jones: A poor man's George Steinbrenner.

Mark Cuban: Sit down and be quiet. No one's watching.

David Stern: Like listening to a boring torts class.

To be continued...







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