New Developments in the Jeff Hardy Court Case, Innocence Highly Likely

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 21, 2009

Recently, I decided to dive further into the Jeff Hardy drug trafficking charges. I wrote an article about two months ago, citing that Hardy was probably innocent of the drug trafficking charges simply because the police packed charges on.

For those of you who didn't see the article, I discovered some information regarding the Hardy case, and wrote about it here. I wrote that the police set Hardy up to arrest and question him, as well as search his home.

Information stated that there was an anonymous tip given to the police regarding drug abuse and trafficking at Jeff Hardy's place of residence in Moore County, N.C.

I found out from sources that the police decided that they would do a sort of sting operation in that they would have a package mailed to his home with drugs inside.

It would have a known address to Hardy, which would give him (in his mind) no reason not to take the package inside and open it.

Once the package was taken inside, the police broke into his home and arrested him.

He was taken in for questioning, and of course they searched his home. The drugs they found in his home were added to the drugs in the package.

See, the package had a bunch of drugs inside, so they had to have a valid reason to search his home. And a drug trafficking possibility is a valid reason.

A tip can't just give the police the right to burst into one's home. They have to have a warrant and a valid reason for the search.

If I told the police my neighbor was selling drugs to people, the police won't just barge into his home. They will try and catch him in the act to prove it first.

If they can never catch him, then they know the information given was false and there was no need to barge into an innocent man's place of residence with no proof.

The same happened with Hardy. A person gave information to the police and the police tried to catch Hardy. The issue was that they knew he wasn't selling, so they couldn't just go into his house without proof.

They wanted to search his home, so they dropped off a package with plenty of evidence to go in, which is smart if you ask me.  It gives them plenty of reasons to go in legally.

The problem is that they added their drugs to the weight of the ones Hardy already had. Keep in mind that all drugs were added to this, even the valid prescription pills. So, the weight shouldn't be something you take to heart.

I recently spoke with a family friend who gave me a ton of big information, which most likely gave someone the thought that Hardy was attaining drugs illegally.

The source told me that Hardy has six herniated disks in his back, which meant that any doctor he visited would give him a valid prescription for painkillers. All the drugs he had in his home had a valid prescription.

The big information here was that Hardy actually had friends who would go in and pick up his meds. People could just call the pharmacy and say they were coming to pick up Jeff's pain meds, and the pharmacist would give it to them when they arrived.

They would hand over the prescription to the pharmacist, and then they would give the meds to the person for Jeff, which is perfectly legal.

The issue was that because people went to the pharmacy and picked up drugs for Jeff, they also dropped by his home a lot, handing them over. These actions made it look as if he was getting a massive load of drugs illegally.

This most likely gave a person the reason to tell the police about Hardy possibly getting illegal drugs.

He did use steroids, as well, but they were anabolic steroids. These steroids are given for unbearable pain, and my source told me that Hardy rarely used them, but had them to use when the prescription painkillers weren't enough.

When the police came in, all of the drugs Hardy had were skeptical to them. He had many pain killers, as well as steroids. But they were all legal, as every one of the painkillers and steroids have a valid prescription.

They added the ones Hardy had with all the drugs in the package, and that caused a drug trafficking charge based on the weight.

The big issue is that the case for Hardy keeps being moved back. This case could go on for another year or so from what people are saying.

Both sides are trying to prove something, but the fact is that they can't pack a trafficking charge on Hardy without more proof, which they will never have.

Hardy can't have any charge regarding trafficking with valid prescriptions, so it's obvious he will get off on that.

The drugs in the package will be taken off, as there was no reason to add them anyway. Hardy has the ball in his court, and it looks like he will get off of the big charges against him if all the findings that have been released now are true.

Therefore, the only realistic charge is for the cocaine found. It was a small trace of cocaine, but it's likely a charge will be handed down regarding it.

He may be fined a bit, or even get a few hours of community service for it. In any case, whatever they do regarding that charge will not be huge.

But what do you think? With all the information being released favoring Hardy as of late, do you feel that Hardy could be innocent of most of the charges?