NHL 2008 Draft Day: Toronto GM Fossil Makes a Bad Move

Captain FanaticCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

The Toronto Maple Leafs management makes another bonehead move!

It looks to me that when it comes to drafting, or making moves during draft day, Leafs management sticks their heads up their arse. Nothing against the 34-year-old, but I was deceived to believe that the Leafs were going to stack draft picks this year, not trade them away for 34-year-old defensive forwards.

I’m a bit confused, and blatantly grinds my gears to see this kind of nonsense, but then again maybe the General Manager had a senior moment.

I hear old farts have them now and then.

But not when you’re a GM of a team whose fans have accepted the fact the team will be bottom dwellers for the next couple of years.

A team with old-balls in the locker room just got older.

“Draft shmaft.”


Give me a break!