Wins, Losses, and The Chicago Cubs: Aramis Ramirez Beats White Sox

Alex WalshCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

Baseball has, by far, the longest regular season. The 162-game stretch makes it easy for the average fan to over interpret the results of one game, or three games, or even ten games.

Lately, this may have been especially true for Chicago Cubs fans. Getting swept by the Tampa Bay Rays was completely demoralizing for many. Losing Carlos Zambrano to a shoulder injury didn't help, either.

However, a win at home like the one on Friday can do at least a little to turn all that around. Aramis Ramirez' walk-off home run ended the Cubs' recent three-game "skid," and made fans believe again that this team can win.

This year, this team truly can win many, many ball games. Even after the Rays' sweep, the Cubs are 11-7 in June.

Yes, they may lose at home at some point. But they'll win a lot more than they lose, both in Chicago and on the road.

Counting down to 50 wins before the All-Star Break...