Should Y2J Make A 3rd Coming As A Face?

John C.Contributor IDecember 21, 2009

Ok, I've been a fan of Chris Jericho for a long time and i still think he is awesome as a heel but I would like to see him as a face again. Right now he is in my opinion the best heel in the WWE. But i think he could be the best face in the WWE. I mean think about it he is always on different talk shows promoting WWE. Just a day or two ago he was with Eve on Jimmy Fallon's show. Y2J has so much publicity already and i know he's the guy every one loves to hate but the WWE could make a lot of money of his merchandise if he turned face. I know just the way to do this too.

While trying to regain the tag team titles from DX Jericho and Show should get in an argument an Jericho hits the CodeBreaker on Big Show. Thus ending Jeri-Show and turning Y2J face.

Also let's skip over to TNA for a sec. I think they should turn Abyss heel. I just don't like him as much as a face as I did when he was the big bad monster. I think everyone remembers the six sides of steel match with him against AJ Stlyes right? That I believe was when Abyss was at his best, bet hey that's just me.

Now back to Jericho, Last Wrestlemania when he faced off against the legends I found myself rooting for Jericho the whole time. I think that with all the publicity and going on talk shows he should have the full support of the fans. Right now he only has about half. I was at The Smackdown show in Bluecross Arena and when Jericho came out me and my friend were the only two in my section holding a Jericho is awesome sign and chanting for Jericho when he fought against Kane. So I think Y2J should become a face again and gain back the support of the audience, but hey thats just my opinion.