The Key To Stopping The San Diego Chargers.

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The Key To Stopping The San Diego Chargers.
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It started back in the days of Air Coryell. This powerhouse was created to the likes that had never been seen before. The bolts could strike virtually at any time. And! Strike at will. They WERE unstoppable. Literally. I remember one Monday nite  on the Charger report Quarterback Dan Fouts  said, "Were so good! We knew in that huddle that know one could stop us." I can till  see the smile on his face as these words so confidently came out of his mouth....

Then, sitting from our season seats way up in the upper deck, A play that changed my opinion of the NFL. There it was. The key to stopping the electrifying offense of Fouts and company! The secret? TOO PLAY DIRTY! To cheat if you will. To commit a penalty. THE YELLOW FLAG! The play had Winslow going deep up the sideline on a fly route. And from all the way from the top of then Jack Murphy Stadium I could see defender with a handful of #eighty. It wasn't just a split second hold. This guy looked like wagon getting pulled by a horse. He wouldn't let go! The ball was thrown to another receiver, but this DB held on to Winslow's jersey for at least twenty yards. They were in the open by themselves. I was pissed to say they least. I realized that if i could see something so obvious how could six officials ( or seven?) not see that at field level.....

I started paying close attention and through out the years watching every Charger game I am 100% convinced that the officiating is CORRUPT. That the official's try their best to control the point spread. This has proved to be fact again this year and today's game is just another example of my theory....

Gates jersey half pulled off his back after running a route in front of two officials. After a play is over a Bengal punches our guy in the head for the whole world to see. (except the ref who was right in front of the incident) A interior lineman jumps before the snap drawing his own guy and Merriman off side. You guessed right.You guessed right five yard penalty against the Chargers. And how about the Cowboy game? The Hocauli  famed premature BJ! The Steeler game, The Ravens......I could go on and on and on.

Because of those hundreds of millions that are bet every week on the sport America loves so much, we have this controversial issue. Come sit and watch the games with me and when the seasons over I'm sure I'll have your vote.

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