The Pittsburgh Steelers' Magic Is Back and Fortune Is On Their Side.

Timothy KesslerAnalyst IDecember 20, 2009

Right about the time the Steelers’ called an onside kick with under four minutes left in a game that they were leading, I got the crazy feeling that it was the best thing to do. Even after it turned out the ball was touched one yard sooner than the ten necessary to keep the ball, I was actually happy and told every hollering fan around me that it was for the best.

My first instinct was that the sooner Green Bay would score the us a chance at scoring in return.

If the ball had been kicked the entire way down field, Green Bay would have ran out the clock on their scoring drive, which still would have been a scoring drive since our defense can not stop anyone in the fourth quarter.

In fact, our defense couldn't stop a car if it were a red light.

So, it turned out to be the best possible thing that could have happened.

Was it fate?

Factor in the final drive where we completed a fourth down, do or die play. Factor in the play where the interception was overturned by a defensive penalty. Then factor in the final play...

Three seconds left in our season, do or die, down by a touchdown...and what happens...a tip toe catch at the sideline of the end zone, frightenly similar to the one that won us the super bowl.

How about the fact that the 7-6 Jaguars lost to Indy, the 7-6 Dolphins lost to Tennessee, and the 7-6 Jets lost to Atlanta.

The 7-6 Ravens won their game, but the 8-5 Broncos made up for that with their lose to Oakland...meaning if they lose to the 10-4 Philadelphia Eagles next week @ Philly, they will end up 9-7 at best, and we hold the tie-breaker against them.

Here is what i see happening...

Three teams from the very same division will be heading into the playoffs representing the AFC...the Bengals, the Ravens, and the Steelers.

The Steelers will win out and end 9-7 and be the 6th seed. Baltimore will end 9-7 and be the 5th seed. Cincinnati will end 10-6 and be the 3rd or 4th seed.

Denver will lose next week at Philly making their final record 9-7, but Pittsburgh gets the tie-break.

We play Miami, now 7-7, so they aren't an issue. We own Tennessee (7-7) in the tie-break so they can finish 9-7 and maybe wont as they play San Diego next week. The Jets @Indy, Jacksonville @NE, and Houston @Miami will more than likely all lose next week, all currently 7-7...playing teams all fighting for something and at their home, meaning they all three finish no better than 8-8.

This is all dependent on Pittsburgh winning out of course. But every Steelers fan knows they play their best when they are expected to lose and practically everyone have given up on them. No one expects them to get in, which only helps their chances.

And after finally breaking their losing streak in such a dramatic fashion, bringing back thoughts of their super bowl magic, I feel it’s very possible.

Their season came down to 1 play with 3 seconds left and they got it done...i think it is fate at work and I believe it will continue.