The Most Important Sports Date in Temple History (seriously)

Mike Gibson@paprepsCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2009

Hyperbole has certainly been overused everywhere, but especially so in the world of sports.

The phrase "The Game of the Century" may have been used 100 times in the last century, and it may have never been true (OK, maybe Notre Dame football 10-10 tie vs. Michigan State back in 1966 but that's it).

Occasionally, though, a sentence that sounds like hyperbole is more grounded in reality. Like this one:

Dec. 29th, 2009 is the most important date in Temple sports history.

Not just Temple football. Temple sports, period.

Not because of what the football team might do that day, but because of what you might do. Yeah, you. The one who came across this by surfing the web.

If you ever attended, or cared about, Temple University or care about the future of Temple sports, you will be in the stands at RFK Stadium (pictured) in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Dec. 29th, when the Owls take on UCLA in their first football bowl game in 30 years.

It's the least you can do, and the best way to give back to the university.

We all can't be a Bill Cosby and be a famous spokesman and cheerleader.

We all can't be a Dennis Alter and write out a $15 million check to build one of the best business schools in the nation.

But we all can bring $30 or $50 to the Liacouras Center this week and walk away with ducats in hand for the Eagle Bank Bowl on Dec. 29th.

If we work for a living, and 90 percent of us still do, we all can take a personal day that day or trade that day for another day.

We can all buy an Amtrak ticket. If we can't afford that, we can all get to a Greyhound Bus station.

We can all drive down I-95 for two hours. We all can and we all should.

Imagine the reaction of the nation watching if all that they see is a packed RFK Stadium (it holds 46,000 for football under its new configuration) wearing mostly Cherry and White.

It sure would open up a lot of doors to the university's sports teams that were previously closed, and change of lot of perceptions of Temple's fan support.

The Big East, for example, might extend an all-sports invitation on, say, Dec. 30th. That's how much of an impact a huge Temple crowd would have before a national television audience.

The football Owls would also have their pick of bowls next year, because Owl fans have proven that they can, and will, travel.

Tickets are available for the Eagle Bank Bowl and have arrived at the Liacouras Center. When I walked in to purchase mine up last week, I had to wait in a line 10 deep and there were 10 people behind me.

I hate waiting in lines more than anyone (hyperbole, maybe), but on that day, I didn't care.

If I walk into RFK Stadium on Dec. 29th and see 46,000 Temple fans, that will be the greatest day ever.

For me, and maybe the university as a whole, that's no hyperbole.