Harrison Barnes Will Be a Starter From The Second He Enters UNC

CoryContributor IDecember 20, 2009

During recruiting UNC was the lucky team to snag the nations number 1 recruit in the country.  This kid is so explosive and can do so many things on the court.  He will make an immediate impact on UNC next season.  Barnes will be named as a starter from the second he steps foot on campus.  With the addition of Barnes I think that UNC will be pre-season ranked number 1.  The only player who is definitely leaving is Deion Thompson and he is 3rd on the team in turnovers as a CENTER!!  He is a good player but he forces a lot of shots gets the team out of rhythm and UNC has the best bigs in the nation and none of them are leaving besides Thompson, Ginyard and maybe Davis.  Losing Davis would hurt but i don't think he is leaving and Davis and Barnes will have next years UNC team at the top of the polls.

Next Season Starting Five

  1. Dexter Strickland-  He will be an unstoppable Point Guard next year.His decision making will get a lot better.
  2. Reggie Bullock-Freshman/or Will Graves-most likely will start good scorer
  3. Harrison Barnes-Best high-school player in the country.
  4. Jon Henson-Will be great next year still good this year.
  5. Ed Davis-Very good big great post moves.


  1. Tyler Zeller-Great shooter 7 feet tall.
  2. Larry Drew II-Decent Point Guard starts over Strickland this year   but won't start next year.
  3. THE Wear Brothers-Same type of players they will improve and   they are both 6'9 and can shoot 
  4. Kendall Marshall-Another good recruit Point Guard.
  5. McDonald or Watts-Whoever wants the 11th man spot more           Williams will go 12 deep some games so they will both play but he will go 11 deep in all games so whoever wants it more