Should Atlanta Braves General Manager Frank Wren Reconsider His Style?

Richard NiehContributor IDecember 20, 2009

As a long time Braves fan, I am always fascinated about how well Braves management handles their players and make great signings and turn players career's around.

However, since Mr. Frank Wren took over as the Braves GM, he has been one of the most active executives—and has received an earful of complaints from his players and the Braves' fans.

I think Wren is doing the best he can, but his best is usually not good enough in the eyes of the fans. Somehow he pulled through last offseason and I thought he made good decisions for the most part. But I also think that he is a little bit lucky.

I think he has done a great job so far, but he always makes himself look really bad. Look how he handled the situation of Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Rafeal Furcal, Jake Peavy, etc. I think those decisions were tough decisions and took guts to do, but he does not have to be so blunt all the time

Look at the Derek Lowe situation. Wren is treating him like he has already been traded (well, based on Lowe's comments) and he hardly responded to anything Lowe said.

From what I have seen so far, Wren is working on getting Lowe traded for another bat, but is having a hard time doing so. The thing about trades is that every team is just simply trying to rip each other off, and Lowe is a good pitcher and can be valuable to other teams. Yet, if the GM shows that he is definitely going to trade him, other execs will definitely ask for an unfair trade.

The same thing happened to Rafeal Soriano. Everyone says that the trade had its merit, and yes, I can see that. But it is not like the Braves didn't have other options.

Lowe's situation is exactly like Soriano's, but because his value is probably higher, Wren is proceeding more carefully. But once again, he is playing his hand by limiting his own options.

Now Lowe does not want to do anything with the Braves, just like Soriano didn't and is basically asking to be traded at this point. This leaves Wren negotiating without much of an option.

One thing that can be easily foreseen is that the Braves are going to eat a big part of Lowe's contract. And once again, Wren will be criticized for his decision, even though it might not be wrong in the end.

I personally think Wren really should do his job a bit "prettier" than he has. At the moment, just like last year, a lot of fans are thinking about killing him for his decisions. However, I know in my heart that he is trying to do the best for the team and I am grateful for what he has done.