Daniel Snyder is Not a Big Fan of Outliers

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Daniel Snyder is Not a Big Fan of Outliers
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With Daniel Snyder on the verge of bringing in Mike Shanahan as head coach of the Washington Redskins, D.C. Landing Strip has provided us with insight into what this team could be with a little continuity.

Specifically, with Jason Campbell’s mastery of the offense ; with no less of an authority on characteristics of success than Malcolm Gladwell.

Everyone always says what an incredible advantage it has been for Peyton Manning to have had the same offensive coordinator and the same offensive system his entire career.

Football offenses are so complex now that they take years to master properly, and having one system in place from thebeginning has allowed Manning to capitalize on every inch of his talent.

On the other hand, someone like Jason Campbell has had a different offensive coordinator in virtually every season of his pro and college career (and I’m guessing he’ll get another this offseason).

I’m not convinced that it’s possible to say, with certainty, that Campbell has less ability than Manning. I’m only sure we can say that Campbell has not been in a situation that has allowed him to exploit his talent the way Manning has. We just don’t know how good he is capable of being—and we may never know.”

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