UNC Needs Improvement

CoryContributor IDecember 20, 2009

Some will say this is a rebuilding year for UNC. I agree, but i think there is one major thing holding UNC back from being a serious contender.  That one thing is TURNOVERS.  The main reason they have been losing there games is because they turn over the ball too much and it leads to big runs like the 20 to 2 run Syracuse put up to open the second half on UNC.  The person with the most turnovers is Larry Drew II.  I know he is the point guard, but 3.1 a game is terrible.  I can't blame Roy Williams for keeping him there because Ginyard 2.6 TO per game and Strickland is at 1.7 TO per game in 11 less minutes per game then Drew.  So in the defense of Roy Williams he has nobody who can handle the ball without consistently turn the ball over.