Cung Le Couldnt Strike with Force, So Scott Smith Did

Brian OswaldMMA Editor December 20, 2009

Watching Cung Le offer up a buffet of Sanshou kicking was a feast for the eye.

But for anyone who enjoys a good buffet, they realize that you must stop yourself short, or risk leaving yourself with a stomach ache of sizable proportion.

Cung Le stuffed himself on his own kicks, not knowing when to stop. As a result, he started to gas and was left holding his side in pain when it was all said and done.

The sport of Sanshou, which Le is perfect in, is practiced in tournaments and often turns into a point scoring content.

For Le, he racked up more points than Wilt Chamberlin, but all the kicks in the cosmos could not finish off the grizzled piece of meat that is Scott Smith.

The difference between Le and Smith last night was knowing when to stop and I found myself thinking, if the fight was a five round fight, would that have been enough time—in theory—for Cung Le to finish Scott Smith off?

Last night, Le could not strike with enough force, and as a result, the fighter beat the martial artist to the punch (somewhere Forrest Griffin was feeling proud).