In Loss, The Dallas Mavericks Show That They Can Win

Lucas JizContributor IDecember 19, 2009

Rockets 116, Mavs 108 (OT). What an ugly, messy game. And an even uglier outcome for a Dallas Mavericks fan like me. But down in the third and fourth quarter, the Mavs showed resiliency and their fighting spirit. They sent a message to the fans, other teams and most epsecially to Dirk Nowitzki, thier franchise player, that they will not back down. Even against heavy odds, the Mavs fought their way back to force overtime in a game that they could have easily won, if Dirk Nowitzki was handling matters on the court. But after a collision with Carl landry in the second quarter forced Dirk to sit out the rest of the game, the Mavs were bullied by the Rockets for two quarters. The mavs then rallied until they forced an overtime period, which they eventually lost. The Mavs definitely showed their heart tonight. And I'm looking forward to more games in which they do not entirely depend on Nowitzki to carry the team. More heart and more focus. And maybe Nowitzki and his boys could make it to the Finals again.