Can Kobe Bryant Be a Soccer Player?

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

So here I am already making my first article for the Bleacher.

Recently, the United States soccer team has gone scoreless in three straight friendly's against Argentina, Spain, and England.

In this article, I am going to write about how some other star players can make in soccer, how the soccer team would do, see if other athletes can make it in other sports, and some other things.

First, I will start off with the NBA.

One of the big players I could see if he went to soccer would be Steve Nash. Steve would be a forward because he has the handling and speed you need in soccer. He also has the mental strength you need for soccer.

Then for a midfielder, I chose Paul Pierce. Paul has speed, toughness, and conditioning you need in soccer. Midfielders need to be on offense and defense, and I believe Pierce is perfect for the job.

For the defenders, I chose two. Kevin Garnett and Amare Stoudemire are perfect guys for the job. They both have power, speed, conditioning, and leadership. These guys would be the perfect power combo for defense in soccer.

As for goalie, it would have to be any star shooting guard. Shooting guards have speed, reflexes, and can jump well. Those guys would turn out to be good goalies.

Onto the NFL. I can make this short because I don't have enough time to go into certain players. Star wide receivers like Randy Moss and Steve Smith would make great forwards with their speed and strength.

Star running backs like Lawrence Maroney would make good midfielders. For defenders, any star defensive back would be good. Finally for goalie, maybe wide receivers or running backs would be good.

I don't know about NHL star players since I don't care about the NHL. For the MLB, maybe third basemen, outfielders, shortstops, and second basemen would be good players for any position in soccer.

Guys like Dustin Pedroia, Torri Hunter, and Mike Lowell would be the right players for the job.

Now if the U.S Soccer team had these players then the United States could be one of the best international teams ever.  

Now that I have chosen star players from other sports, I am going to choose which sport has the best pound for pound athletes from a physical perspective. Now I have thought a lot about this but I would have to choose football.

Football is one of the most aggressive sports known, and almost every player in the game can take a hit, punch, stabbing, shooting, and so on. Although I believe that this sport does not have mental toughness.

The best sport with mental toughness I would say is soccer. Soccer you have to think on where the player will pass, make a move on the ball, and charge at you.

Soccer has to think ahead of the other player in order to get the better of him. The players know what they have to do to get inside the head of the other players. So soccer wins the mental category.

Now do other star athletes have the skills necessary to go into other sports than just soccer? Here is the way I can see.

Soccer players could be football players. Baseball players could be golf stars. Tennis players might make as baseball stars. Hockey players could be in soccer and football. Basketball players could be soccer players.

I can go into so many other sports as well, but the point is that many players in certain sports have the skills needed to excel into other sports. Hence why maybe Michael Jordan went to play baseball.

Now if young players who had the ability to make millions in the NFL and went to the MLS, well that player just decided that soccer was the right path for him.

The cultural dynamic of this might change, but it will only change by the player’s decision to go to the other sport.

Conclusion, players do have other skills that can contribute to other sports. The player will only choose to go to another sport or that sport by his decision. Yes, the U.S. soccer could change if basketball or football players were on the team.

The Fanatic is done with this article. Thanks for reading and wait for more from the Fanatic.