The Rangers Need To Play Better In Order To Beat Philly!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2017

Rick Stewart/Getty Images


The Rangers played two of their worst games this week against the NY Islanders but they managed to come away with a win. Which reminds me of another John Tortorella quote. “What ever it takes to win as long as we win”.

Honestly I can not understand how anyone on this team can feel or be happy with the way they played. In the third period of Thursday nights game the Rangers played better. But far from great or even good . The Rangers had only 6 shots on goal in the third period, and only 4 in the first. Another game where they have had 7 plus penalties, and add on two more roughing penalties. Sure we like the win, but if they play like that for the rest of the season, I can guarantee they will lose more than they win.

The first good thing Tortorella has done all season was bench Redden and after his many blunders in the last few games, Ales Kotalik most definitely deserved to be benched as well. But will that all be thrown out the window come today against the Fliers. Will Redden be back in the line up, and what about Kotalik?

We already know Ales will be back in the line up sooner or later and so will Redden. Unfortunately as much as it hurts to just think about, we know this to be true.

The Rangers managed to walk away with the win and scored an impressive 5 goals. All the goals were well played and quality goals and it was without the help of Redden and Kotalik.

When you break it down, what do you really get playing Redden? His defense is atrocious , he does not score goals or play any kind of physical game. He is just a waist of space and playing guys like Sags and Heikkenin, plain and simply improves the team. If they were to see any real ice time!

The Rangers have major problems in regards to being a physical presence on the ice. Where as the their opponents today the Philadelphia Flyiers are indeed a physical team. Today will be a real test for the Rangers.

They will need to use their speed {Enver Lisin} to work around the slower Fliers And put them back on their heels. But speed will not be enough, the Rangers need to boost up the Physical play. Especially in their own zone.

Will Tortorella go back with Redden and Kotalik, or will he play this smart and ride Thursday nights win with the players who were on the ice.

Tortorella claimed that there were other guys he wished he could send down to Hartford, but was unable to due to the salary cap. I would love to know who those players are. But at the same time, if this is the case, why wouldn’t their be some kind of attempts to free up the cap with trades. Donald Brashear is another guy taking up a spot. He is really useless and the Rangers can start with him. Either way, if it is true, and the cap is forcing Tortorella to continue or be forced to keep players on the roster, then how can Sather expect him to win being tied up.

You would think one of those players has to be Rozsival, but then again, Tort plays Rozsival for 22 minutes a game. Either way something need to be done. Winning one game does not let any team off the hook. Especially when that win came with such a poor performance. How long can they ride Lundqvist's back for?

Can Sather and Tortorella do right with this team or what? Almost 16 years since they last won the cup. As of right now it looks like we will be waiting for another 16 years. It is not like after all this time, the team looks better. It is the opposite. They seem to be going down hill and this is just no expectable.