Who Should Take The Final Shot?

CoryContributor IDecember 18, 2009

At the end of every close Celtics game the question of who is getting the ball always comes up.  I think they have to switch up who they go to.  Right now they don't do that they get to Pierce and he takes a fade-away.  The player I would go to is "Mr. Clutch" Ray Allen.  He has hit so many game winners for the Celtics.  I don't think they should go to him all the time but most of the time get him the ball and let him go to work.  Ray Allen is the best shooter in the NBA



  • Ray Allen-Number 1 option best shooter and he his getting to the rim and he is so CLUTCH.
  • Paul Pierce- I don't like him as the number 1 option but he can hit the fade-away or drive to score or draw defenders and dump it off but he can't be the number 1 option it has to be Allen.
  • Kevin Garnett-Good mid-range shooter but if it's a 2 point game and you can get him the ball in the post then he is number 1 because of how good of a post player he is.
  • Rajon Rondo-Not to score unless off drive but if you have time he will find the open guy.
  • Eddie House-For 3's only and only if Allen is covered.
  • Rasheed Wallace-Can hit a 3 if needed and he can go inside as a last option.
  • This is definitely a good option for the Celtics and that's why they are the NBA's best.