LA Lakers Kobe Bryant Blueprint For Tiger Woods

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LA Lakers Kobe Bryant Blueprint For Tiger Woods



Kobe has turned Plaschke, and the rest of the sports world into believers. This article by Bill Plaschke of the LA Times about how he doubted Kobe throughout his career, and that he was among the media who thought Kobe would end up being the next Jerry Stackhouse rather than the next Michael Jordan makes one wonder if Kobe's story is a blueprint for Tiger Woods.

Kobe was never at the same heights as Tiger, who most agree is among the most famous athlete on the planet, and his low was not nearly as low. As far as we know, Kobe's mistake was just one slip up at a Colorado hotel (I repeat, as far as we know that was all he did and the rape charges were dropped and most likely false). Kobe has never had any suspicions about the possibility of using Performance Enhancing Drug, which is now a possibility with Tiger Woods given Tigers connection to a Canadian doctor.

With that being said, Kobe did fall from grace, and has managed to come back, and in some ways his new high may be higher than it was before the Colorado Hotel incident.

Will Tiger ever make it back? Will he ever attain the same heights he has had, outside of golf? I am a firm believer that he will never get close to the same heights. He may be forgiven in the sports world, when/if he breaks the record for most Majors, but in the general media, I do not think he will get close to where he was pre-Thanksgiving 2009.


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