Cleveland Indians Sign Sal Fasano

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2008

If anyone thought this Indians' season was depressing, well things just got outstanding!

Today, the Wigwamers traded for catcher Sal Fasano! This 36-year-old journeyman has compiled a career .219 AVG through parts of 10 major-league seasons.

His career milestone was set in 1998, when he was second in the league in hit by pitches, with 16.

The main attribute he brings to this team is his outstanding facial hair. Whether it is a mustache, foo-man-choo, or goatee, Mr. Fasano consistently brings a finely manicured scruff each and every day.

When a team is struggling the way the Tribe is, the more hair on your face, the better. I will now go cry myself to sleep.

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