NFL Week 15 Predictions: R.I.P Chris Henry

Paxton TaylorContributor IJanuary 16, 2017

Larry French/Getty Images

I had already written this article, but I did it in slideshow form. I very much prefer standard articles over the slideshows. My other one was also poorly written since I had to write it in garbage time before a class let out. Lets try this again, shall we?


Colts @ Jaguars:

The big question for me in this game is wether the Colts are going to play their starters in this one. Indianapolis has the clear edge in this one, better in every aspect except for the running position. The Colts also had 29 players on the last injury report I saw, that is ridiculous. I think this game will be close in the Colts' favor, maybe 24-21 ish.


Cowboys @ Saints:

Has anyone heard the Christmas Carol "Wade's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire?" If you haven't listen to the radio after this loss in New Orleans, it will be a number one hit. The Cowboys continue to suck not only in December, but against any fairly good opponent. The Saints are undefeated, but seem to struggle against everyone here lately. This one will be very close, but I think the Saints will get it. 35-28


Brownies @ Chiefs

When the Cheifs beat the Steelers, it seemed as though the Cheifs may be a fairly good team; but then what? The Raiders too, and the Browns? I thought it would be a good game to base my opinion on before watching last week's games. Not valid. The Brownies finally won another game. What can you really say about either team besides, "they suck." Nothing really. Chiefs win 17-14


Texans @ Rams

When the Titans 2nd string QB (Kerry Collins) can come in late in the game and look amazing against the Rams, what will a top of the line Quarterback do to them? The Rams are fighting for a draft pick, and the Texans are fighting to get a Wild Card spot. Just like last week, the Texans may have a blowout here. Texans 38. Rams 10.


Patriots @ Bills

Bad news for the Patriots, they are playing an away game. In the first matchub between the two, the Bills only lost by 1 point in Gillette Stadium. I think this Buffalo team is better than is was then, T.O. seems to be clicking well (if that is what you want to call it) with them now; and their offense is seeing some life. That, combined with a disgusting away game record for the Patriots puts Buffalo in position to walk away with an upset here. 24-21


Dolphins @ Titans

Magnificently, both of these teams are in the AFC Wild Card hunt. From the Titans' point of view, there has never been any more of a reason to try this season. The status on Vince Young is not official, but Kerry Collins wasn't that bad last week. On top of that, the Dolphins have a weak defense all around. The Dolphins also have a one-dimensional team, in favor of the run. Unfortunately for them, the Titans are 7th against the run. Chris Johnson is still fighting for the rushing record, and will have a big game as usual. Titans win, 35-21


49ers @ Eagles

The Eagles' offense has been on fire here lately. They are looking to extend the division lead enough to clinch with a win over Dallas. The 49ers are just within range of taking the NFC West back (if the Cardinals lose out, which will not happen), and they may try pretty hard. Otherwise, they aren't playing for anything. I would not root in favor of the impossible in their position. With the Cardinals playing upcoming games against the Lions and Rams, there is no hope. Eagles win 34-21


Cardinals @ Lions

It is very obvious after last week what the Lions are trying to do. I know the Ravens aren't 45 points better than them. With the Lions trying to be #1 (in the draft) for the second season in a row, every game from here on out may be a 30 point loss or worse. Enjoy your division clinch Arizona. Cardinals 56. Lions 10.


Bears @ Ravens

I will be straight forward. I think the Bears are going to win. HOLD UP! Before you jump on me for being a "dumbass," listen to my reason why. It is good I promise. Just think about it. JAY CUTLER is on the Bears. Still don't get what my point is? What do we all know Cutler is good for doing? Don't say throwing picks, I am looking deeper than that. Cutler is good for ruining everything. Thats right, he ruined the Broncos (until he left), he ruined the Bears, ruined there playoffs. It seems as though there is nothing left to ruin, but here comes the golden opportunity. The Baltimore Ravens, the most deserving wild card hunt team in the league. Cutler will cease this opportunity with a random, breakout game. Bears 31. Ravens 28.


Falcons @ Jets

I thought the Jets would be a worse team without Sanchez ar QB; boy was I wrong. I know blowing out Tampa isnt that impressive of an accomplishment, but it is better than I expected. The Falcons are just not good, and are without Matt Ryan and Michael Turner (as far as I know). Without two of it's greatest offensive weapons against a defense based team, I can't imagine them having a shot. Jets win 14-10


Raiders @ Broncos

Alright Jamarcuss, you ready to make your second impression on the NFL before you never play another season? If there was ever a better time to do it, this is it. Go show the Broncos whats up in mile high. I think he will make a rare but amazing connection to Heyward-Bey this week, and pull off an upset. 17-15


Bengals @ Chargers

The Bengals are coming into this game fierce. They lost an amazing player in a tragic accident. Reast in peace Chris Henry, best of wishes to your teammates and family. All pity aside, they are playing with heavy hearts, and may do better than expected. However, the Chargers are just on fire. As much as the AFC North seems to be losing to the AFC West so far this season, the Chargers win anyways. 24-17


Buccaneers @ Seahawks

Somehow the Seahawks have found a way to win 5 games so far this season. Maybe the Bucs will surprise the world and come out in their creamsickles again. But maybe not. Seahawks win 28-17


Packers @ Steelers

Lets just face the facts, the Packers are the strongest team in the league right now. Better than everyone else all around, and still having key injuries in their secondary. The Steelers are probably the worst team in the league at this point. The Packers high flying offense and defense is going to tear apart the Pittsburgh offense that has nothing going for it. 35-14


Vikings @ Panthers

I don't care what history says, Brett Favre is not slowing down. One bad game, then another where Aidrian Peterson keeps Favre from needing to do anything does not mean he is slowing his game down. The Panthers defense is trash, and their offense is in major trouble (especially against a defensive line like the Vikings'). Expect a blowout. Vikings win 38-10


Giants @ Redskins

Wow, what can I say about the Giants defense after last week? The Redskins offense has finally come back to life. Campbell has had a couple of big performances in a row. However; I don't believe the the Giants work the same way as the Texans. They won't roll over when things don't go their way. They are one game back on the Cowboys, and (as anyone would imagine) want that wild card spot bad. As much of an unexpected upset it may be, the Giants win 24-21.